Autumn in America / by Autumn Trafficante

My name is Autumn, and I am a 30 year-old transgender activist and writer born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

My story is an American story, and my views and beliefs are that of someone who fervently believes in the dream that this country stands for: that all people born unto this blue planet deserve the same opportunity as their peers; to prove themselves under the Sun; to define the content of their character, free from the unfair burdens of circumstance; to be loved and to love freely; to garner respect for the merit of their work; to die having lived fully, without regret or hate in their heart; and to rise above the horizon of one’s own self interests, so that our great nation might realize a more perfect vision of itself in the futures of its nascent youth.

In an age of pessimism, I choose to see the good through our flaws, and I hope my writing will inspire others to do the same. Certain is our failure divided, but limitless is our potential as one.